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”Gemenskap- Enjoy, Circulate, Reflect" (2014)

Gemenskap- Enjoy, Circulate, Reflect is a public art installation, comissioned by Mora Kommun 2014. The commision was to work in the space between a new building and an old building that previously was used as a train-station. The commissioning body wished for the space to become a meetingponit. A space that could improve the community and integration, visualise Mora as a modern city in the region and to include a child perspective, something that can be interesting for children, yet not a playground. Interaction in public spaces interests me.


My work is a reflection and expression of the absence of natural human playfullness, curiousity and spontanious reactions in a contemporary western life and society. How can you break through somebodys surface and constructed image to be able explore what is inside? I believe that playfull and interactive objects in our surrounding environment has a possibility to trigger curiosity. And that curiosity is one of the things that leads to natural interaction between people. 


Gemenskap- Enjoy, Circualte, Reflect consists of three sculptures. My intention was that the sculptures would not only be there to look at, I wanted people to experience the work, to touch, sit, climb and use the sculptures and become an interactive part of this installation. 


Enjoy, the large red sculpture is a meetingpoint, a space that can be used as a seat for about four people. I imagine Enjoy to be a place for enjoyable and interesting conversations. Perhaps a conversation with a stranger is started with a smile and spontaneous comment like ”wow, its warm here..!” During the process of development I considered the climat we have here in Dalarna. The light and warm summer days are limited over a short period of the year as it is very cold and dark for many months in this region. I decided to install a heating coil under the sitting area that is set on about 20 degrees celcius. In the ceiling there is 81 pieces of 1mm wide fiberoptic lights that creates an imaginary starry sky.


Circulate is the orange sculpture. To circulate. Change place, change view, change environment, exchange experiences, stories and so on. My intention was to create a sculpture with a surprising element to it. I wanted something unexpected to happen when visitors choose to interact with the objects in this the space. Circulate is attached to a fundament that allows the sculpture to spin. Inside of circulate there is also a music instrument that makes sound when the sculpture is spinning.


Reflect, the blue sculpture, is placed in a calm and relaxing space, next to a flower bed where lavender and other plants is growing in the summertime. This is a place to sit down and to have some personal space and time for reflection.






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